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Bitartu. Euskadiko Kooperatiba Arbitrajeko Auzitegia. Tribunal de Arbitraje Cooperativo de Euskadi

The higher cooperative council of the Basque Country entrusts to BITARTU, the Basque cooperative arbitration tribunal, the administration of the arbitration procedure. 

BITARTU is a unique management model for handling the administration of justice by arbitration, an extra tool for conflict resolution in the Basque cooperative movement. It does this job on the basis of the private law regulations in the arbitration act, Law 60/2003 of 23rd December 2003, as reformed by Law 11/2011 of 29th May 2011; as well as the cooperative arbitration regulations passed by the plenary meeting of the higher cooperative council of the Basque Country on 20th July 2023. In short, this arbitration aims to help settle the conflicts that arise in all human relations, specifically in cooperatives.

In the arbitration, the parties submit themselves to a regulated procedure and entrust BITARTU to resolve the dispute. BITARTU takes a decision that is binding on both parties by applying the law or fairness to settle the said dispute.

BITARTU is organised as a collegiate body made up of independent people of recognised standing who are authorities in Basque cooperative law, and helps to build up a unique doctrine of interpretation, giving the parties involved legal security and performing its functions independently.

Bitartu Composition

Euskadi Cooperative Arbitration Court
Title holders:

Alejandro Elejabarrieta Goienetxe

Rosa Otxoa-Errarte Goikoetxea

Carlos Martín Ginto Monzón


Cristina Ochoa Pérez

Alberto Atxabal Rada

Eba Gaminde Egia

Regulations of the Basque Cooperative Arbitration Service

Regulation on dispute resolution procedures in Basque cooperatives
Regulation on dispute resolution procedures in Basque cooperatives

BOPV of 01-09-2023

Ley 60/2003, de 23 de diciembre, de Arbitraje.
Law 60/2003, of December 23, on Arbitration

BOE 26-12-2003 No. 309

Ley Orgánica 5/2011, de 20 de mayo
Law 11/2011, of May 21, on Arbitration

BOE of 05-21-2011


Obtain the necessary forms for processing arbitration files

Historical of arbitration awards