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Kooperatiben Kontseilua has created the podcast channel ‘Ahots Kooperatiboak’. It is a channel that collects close stories in a fresh and innovative way told in the first person by its protagonists.

In ‘Ahots Kooperatiboak’ people related to the current reality of cooperatives will tell us about their experience, revealing interesting stories about cooperatives.

Our objective is to educate and inform the public about cooperativism and spread how the cooperative company can contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world. Through our podcast channel, we want to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas about cooperativism. We believe that by doing so, we can build a more informed and active community that contributes to the strengthening of cooperatives.

The first episode of ‘Ahots Kooperatiboak’ was launched on the International Day of Working Women and its title is precisely “8M, cooperatives and women”. In this first episode they tell us how several women from the Arrasate area created the Auzolan women’s cooperative.

You can access the channel, on Spotify, from this link: